New Special Offer for the New Year $25 One Card Message


Greetings All!  I am going to offer this for a limited time, until further notice from within. On the “Contact for a Personalized Message” tab, you will see there are now three categories to choose from.  The special one card message fro $25 will only be offered for a limited time, but the other two will continue.  The message can be of any topic, but it must be for you and not someone else.

The plan for this offer is to build up my client base, but also to get some technology ready for Live Spiritual Messages for here on the website, and also Facebook Live for the AngelicMessages111 Facebook page.

I am looking forward to building this new year with all of you, as we are in a great time of truth and healing for all, as well as New Beginnings.

~ Love and light to all as One, Charlette ~


Published by AngelicMessages111 By Charlette Bowling

Greetings all, I am here on my journey in connecting to the collective consciousness of all of humanity. I am One in the Spirit of Love and Light, yet I have been able to also integrate the shadow self as well. I am here to help heal, teach, awaken, and share intuitive messages to those interested in finding the truth and power within, and their Soul Life Purpose of Love. I share messages from the Spirit through Angels of Love, Light, Healing, Learning/Remembering, and any other form of service called to me by Divine Holy Spirit. I send love and blessings in prosperous abundance to all, and I sincerely look forward to our time together. I offer different specials on the personalized intuitive messages, and I am willing to answer any questions you have about the process and what will work best for you! Please see the Contact for a Personalized Reading tab! Love and light filled radiant blessings of prosperous abundance to all!

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