SacredEarthVideo Introduction for New YouTube Channel!

Greetings! I am here in this moment now to embark on the continuation of this journey.  I thank you very much for joining me for a moment.  Above you will find the link to my first video Video Introduction for New YouTube Channel, a personally recorded and unedited introduction to who I am, what I am doing here, and what next I have to share from the Spirit of Unconditional Love within me.

Inside the video I will discuss my current offer which I am calling a Personology Report.  The Personology Report itself is a compilation of a four book series by the author Gary Goldenschneider and his collaborator for the first three books Joost Elffers.  I am not here to share the experience of the authors, but my own experience of study with the Personology books titled The Secret Language of Birthdays, The Secret Language of Destiny, The Secret Language of Destiny, and the Personology book: A Precision Approach to Charting your Life, Career, and Relationships.

The part of the report that I am providing is a detailed collaboration for your specific birthdate from the information from all four books.  It is a more in depth look than a typical Birth or Natal Chart that has twelve houses. Personology takes it to the depth of 48 houses and includes information regarding the week of your birth, season, notable figures that are along the same path, and so much more!  All I need in your request is your birthday with full month/day/year combination and if you have your birth time, that is valuable as well but not a dealbreaker.

For this new beginning with the video blog and more to come, I am offering this Personology Report for a limited time price of $50.  This will be 1/2 the price of this service of after this promotion ends to celebrate the video blog.

Feel free to comment or contact me throught the contact page to answer any questions you may have about the process, and let me know your email to send the report to as well.

Gratefully yours with Unconditional Love,