Silent Auction – Gift Certificates for Services by Angelic Messages 111 for End of Decade 2019 valid through the entire New Year of 2020!

All the Services that are available on the Gift Certificates!!!

So, after the inspiration to formulate Gift Certificates to have the proceeds from the services to go to a local nonprofit for an event that I am volunteering my time and expertise, I was led to make a Silent Auction to benefit the Angelic Messages 111 transitions and changes for the New Year and the close to the decade. This way, I can offer a chance for folks to bid through messages – either email here on the website, on the Facebook page or group – the selected certificates of their own choosing.

There will be a clock starting based on when the post is shared, that will end on January 2, 2020! That means you will have only 3 days to post your bid on gift certificates you choose to win and use! I am the only one holding the Gift Certificates, and they are not valid if duplicated. I was only led to make 12 for this auction, and 9 for the other for the benefit total of 21 total Gift Certificates!

Each certificate is valid for at least 1 year! I did make some for the benefit to last a couple of years, just in case some folks plan that far in advance or do not when it comes to events.

Services are all listed above, but they include 1 or 2 hour personal message delivery (known in many circles as psychic readings) – which can be done live in person or online, Secret Language Network Personology Report and interpretation (this works best if you know your birthtime), group or party message delivery – which can also be done live in person or online as well, and last but not least, an ordained led ceremony or event (wedding or your choice). Please feel free to message if you have any questions at all at no cost or requirement for bid to gain clarity about any of the services!

Silent auction will begin when this post is published and shared across all pages that it is open. When the time is closing, I will share another post to inform everyone.

Bid by number – Happy bidding!

221 – Two hour Messages Session

222 – One hour Messages Session

223 – Secret Language Network Personology Report

333 – Group / Party Messages Session (5 to 50 guests maximum)

334 – Ordained Ceremony / Event of your choice – Original channeled message for the event / ceremony

335 – SLN Personology Report and Interpretation

444 – One hour Messages Session

445 – Two hours Messages Session

446 – SLN Personology Report and Interpretation

555 – Group / Party Messages Session

556 – Ordained Ceremony / Event

557 – SLN Personology Report and Interpretation

Published by AngelicMessages111 By Charlette Bowling

Greetings all, I am here on my journey in connecting to the collective consciousness of all of humanity. I am One in the Spirit of Love and Light, yet I have been able to also integrate the shadow self as well. I am here to help heal, teach, awaken, and share intuitive messages to those interested in finding the truth and power within, and their Soul Life Purpose of Love. I share messages from the Spirit through Angels of Love, Light, Healing, Learning/Remembering, and any other form of service called to me by Divine Holy Spirit. I send love and blessings in prosperous abundance to all, and I sincerely look forward to our time together. I offer different specials on the personalized intuitive messages, and I am willing to answer any questions you have about the process and what will work best for you! Please see the Contact for a Personalized Reading tab! Love and light filled radiant blessings of prosperous abundance to all!

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