Just submitted my first Pure Romance Order for Yoniversal Healing 333!

Since I just had this very pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial goals, I decided that I would share the first draft of the story of how this came to be part of my newest paths of healing for myself and others. This draft can also be found on the Yoniversal Healing 333 Facebook Page. Enjoy!


Greetings, as with all things there is a root that is planted and then sprouts into whatever it is meant to be. This past December in 2019, I was given the opportunity to further my own healing process with my yoni, which I knew I had only just begun to really tap into the depths based on all the types of yoni energy related trauma I had experienced in my lifetime. This opportunity was the chance to audition for a part in the Vagina Monologues for V-Day 2020. I had heard some things about it, but the only requirements were to be one that identifies as a female or non-binary that wants to help spread awareness to end violence against those classes. This was the 21st anniversary of this movement by the founder and author of the Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler. I say movement, because that is what it has become and what it is continuing to advocate.

I had not been on a stage at all in a performance way since I was a child, and many of my initial traumas happened at that age when I was as well.I was welcomed with open arms by the amazing Director, Jenni White – who deserves her own nod here for the role she played. I cried, not just tears but literally balled, for the majority of my first of two pieces for the audition, and she hugged me after. Welcoming me to the V-Day fold in her watch.

Months passed, and before the show went on, a fellow V-Day cast member held a party for Pure Romance for the Director and her wife, Eve Keller is also amazing and supports me in all ways since before joining the board we share seats on, thanks to you also! This wonderful cast member was Liz Martin, and at the time I had no idea that she knew my sister as it was a way our worlds collided later, but I made a joke in private to her that all the women I knew that sold Pure Romance before knew my sister that always made me feel awkward or unaccepted about my body or nudity or sexuality in general, so I did not buy.

I really wanted to try some of the products though and felt safe with Liz because we shared the intimacy of performing in a show that touched so many parts of my pain, yoni, love, struggle, hope and light to the darkness that was exactly the process that V-Day 2020 volunteering participation of my time gave back to me. However, she made me feel safe, and though I did not have a budget for it yet, I really wanted to contribute to the cause, Trinity Haven – the first Indiana transition home for LGBTQIA+ identifying teens in need. Jenni, is also the Founding and Executive Director, and made me love the whole process even more!

After the close of V-Day 2020, due to the party for Pure Romance, I was in groups and pages of Liz’s about it, and it made me excited to even do for myself. Besides, who doesn’t have a hard time at what I called the ‘sexy stores’ looking for items of pleasure with a partner, alone, or just finding a place that doesn’t creep you out to even go inside?? These were also issues related to my own yoni trauma stories. I decided, why not, I can become a consultant, and continue on my own healing journey in the process. I will be able to buy my own products, and help others have a safe person that is welcoming and not judgmental about their questions or requests, and understands the need for this healing on multiple levels from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.Now, I am a new sexual health consultant, and I have already given free advice to folks I learned from that original party as well as studying the products I am selling on my website from Pure Romance. I have a huge order in and I am ready to share more information on posts to come!

Love and light filled blessings in ever radiant and prosperous abundance to you and your people, and pure unconditional love and service to all.

Thank you,

Charlette Jaclyn Bowling (CJB)

Published by AngelicMessages111 By Charlette Bowling

Greetings all, I am here on my journey in connecting to the collective consciousness of all of humanity. I am One in the Spirit of Love and Light, yet I have been able to also integrate the shadow self as well. I am here to help heal, teach, awaken, and share intuitive messages to those interested in finding the truth and power within, and their Soul Life Purpose of Love. I share messages from the Spirit through Angels of Love, Light, Healing, Learning/Remembering, and any other form of service called to me by Divine Holy Spirit. I send love and blessings in prosperous abundance to all, and I sincerely look forward to our time together. I offer different specials on the personalized intuitive messages, and I am willing to answer any questions you have about the process and what will work best for you! Please see the Contact for a Personalized Reading tab! Love and light filled radiant blessings of prosperous abundance to all!

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