New Special Offer for the New Year $25 One Card Message

Greetings All!  I am going to offer this for a limited time, until further notice from within. On the “Contact for a Personalized Message” tab, you will see there are now three categories to choose from.  The special one card message fro $25 will only be offered for a limited time, but the other twoContinue reading “New Special Offer for the New Year $25 One Card Message”

Appearance at Spiritual Gardens Psychic Faire!

Greetings! Psychic Faire begins tomorrow and lasts until Sunday! At Spiritual Gardens with Michelle L Fultz, Toni Duft, and I will be there all four days doing Angelic Messages and Energy Healings, yet the store and I have so much more to offer. All dressed up and remodeled for the first Psychic Faire of theContinue reading “Appearance at Spiritual Gardens Psychic Faire!”

Greetings! More tabs added now!

Greetings All, I have added a couple of new tabs for you to check out.  An “About” section that tells a bit about me, and what it is that I do, and a “Contact for Personalized Reading” page where you can contact me personally for a message just for you, and also a Paypal buttonContinue reading “Greetings! More tabs added now!”