Contact for a Personalized Message or Service

Greetings, I am here with my heart’s passion, as One in the Spirit of Love, to help, teach, awaken, and share intuitive messages to invoke healings.  I provide services online and locally.  See below for links for pricing of current promotions.  Feel free to email and ask any questions you may have about any services offered as well!

Love and Blessings in Prosperous Abundance. Gratefully yours with Unconditional Love!


I do Channeled Angelic Spirit Intuitive Messages for an energetic exchange.

For your safety and convenience, please feel free to use this PayPal for your purchase through your email!  However, I recently had added both Zelle and Venmo (@Charlette-Bowling-111) to allow these payment options.  Contact for Zelle details, or any other questions.

We can connect LIVE via Phone, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or Facebook for $1 per Minute! You name the amount and the time you would like to spend, and I will confirm timing upon receipt of payment!

You decide how long of a time you want to connect, and go to this link to send!

Choose your time, $1 per 1 minute, 10 minute minimum*

Secret Language Network Personology Report and Interpretation –

You get a full report collaboration of your Personology based on your specific birth date and time of birth if known.

SpiralGalaxy Full Personology Report for $222 in 2020!!

Each of the options below do utilize cards with the method; however, it is not as simple as just laying out cards and telling you what they are.  You also receive a document showing the full interpretation of each card individually, what each card means by how it is placed, and the message all of the cards come together to tell.

I am offering a 3 card message, with a detailed informative personalized email for $25 USD

Click here for PayPal $25 Three card message!

Or, you may like a 5 card message, with detailed informative personalized email for $50 USD

Click here for PayPal $50 Five card message!

Lastly, I also offer a significantly longer, 10+ card message for more intense clearing and healing, and includes the detailed informative email for $75 USD

Click here for PayPal $75 Ten or more card message!

If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to email.

I am also available for private parties, and events.  You can have your own personal party, and I work with you for free when you invite friends that are interested in one of the packages!

Also, I am an ordained minister since December of 2012, and I am doing ministry or ceremonial or blessings services work now.  See Ordination and Bookings page.

I do offer distance healing for non-local clients and in person energetic healing sessions, pricing may vary due to location or type of healing and time needed to hold space for client.  All negotiable, send an email at the contact form above to inquire about it all!

Thank you, and have a blessed and amazingly awesome now!

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