Pure Romance, bad timing…

So, back in April I decided that I would work to further my own Yoni healing practice and sexual health by working to assist others along their journey as well. I felt what a great time it would be to get involved in the opportunity. Then, the social unrest began to heighten for anti-racism and with all the victims if police brutality leading to the peaceful protests and riots. I was sent into a deep reflection and meditation of what a state the country and planet were experiencing frequency specifically.

The times called for the shift to go into overdrive as the masses outcries remain far from heard other than predominantly vocal efforts to state they felt differently than the system appears to show. I had to go within and hold space for myself, my family, my community, and the entire planet simultaneously. This became far too heavy a task to be able to even begin to think about how to be a better “online seller” for sexual health products other than just providing catalog and order links and allowing space for the products to sell themselves. 😂

My mission was clearly being called into action, yet managing the home, work, and school for my children at home (that no one was prepared for or something ever even thought of until they had NO choice with a global pandemic) along with finding ways to be an active activist from home kept me quite busy with large amounts of time needing carved out for study, silence, and meditation that just truly didn’t seem to even exist in a day.

In the month of June, as part of a local nonprofit organization known as Indy Pride, board of directors, in which I am a member and the Director of Inclusion and Diversity, it was decided that it was best for our major Indy Pride Festival annual event (that parents many other events during the month of June) was canceled and shifted online crucially to keep the community safer with the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic when there were waves of the numbers of cases increasing. This was disheartening for many that only felt that togetherness at that point each year.

The following month being the return of the sun 🌞 month’s time for me – July – gave me no choice but to realize I was wearing myself thin without listening more to myself and my needs as activism where I can is great and ongoing; however, it drains me to fight the injustices (my heart goes out to those that have done the daily work for the societal and systemic racism injustices for many more years, while I was still sorting my own life path out and raising my four children as a single mom also overcoming trauma) and the work in it caused me to be left on empty before I could even get through the day. In order to function and defy all odds or to give so much more layers of myself, I need to be doing the work I am here to do. My life’s passion and that falls into the category of communication and care, or unconditional love.

Keeping this in mind, I had known for over a year that I was headed into a particular graduate program that was in Applied Communication. I had worked with the faculty advisor for a previous research project in my undergraduate program with was a degree in general studies (I said I had a winding path to figure my stuff out, well college was part of the winding) with minors in both Communication Studies and Sociology. I was able to find the minors thanks to advisors and career counseling to get on track when the other courses made me feel I was off the rails. Kind of like this section just did…

Anyway, I reached out to the professor, who is also the Director of the Global Health Communication Center (GHCC) at the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts, to ask if maybe he may need help getting the website up and running since we were in a global pandemic and folks may need more access to information on how to communicate with and get much needed help to communities all over the world. Dr. John Parrish-Sprowl was delighted to agree to my joining the program sooner than the fall and even suggested how to get the process going.

After only a couple email exchanges, I began my Master of the Arts (M.A.) in Applied Communication at IUPUI in the summer of 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic and social unrest intertwined with anti-racism to but the structural inequalities of a system created as United (hmm🤔) States for the people that never counted everyone from the start, leaving out women and people of color or other marginalized people. It was just white men, and I recall growing up thinking we were all created equal.

Long story just having begun, but there just is this is why I haven’t made ways to sell Pure Romance. Ha! Not that I won’t ever again, but it may need to sell itself even then. I have got four kids that now homeschool, full time work in an equal opportunity office, graduate research assistant work, board work, professional development and anti-racism trainings, advocating for my oldest son on the Autism Spectrum supports he needs to succeed as well as mentoring him in his online coursework, activism for social inequities, and that list doesn’t mention caring for myself, my kids, my community, or the rest of the planet.

So, when I get a free moment or two, I plan to sleep, study, or help others and most I have come in contact with at the moment aren’t looking for the sexual health help from Pure Romance. (Also, it didn’t help that the PR plan for selling was social media, and in the pandemic I was put on “indefinite probation period” for the job I had been at 90/120 day probationary period. Therefore, I was very perplexed on how to be visible yet unseen and social for selling of sexual health items at a time when the Federal government changed the way that sexual misconduct is handled in academia for Title IX. Plus, it didn’t help that my new boss was the Deputy Title IX Coordinator. Oh, did I mention I had a scammer that tried to get me through the Pure Romance site and had someone breach my privacy and post a picture of me on comments of friends of mine on social media that could have become a complaint for my work as unprofessional??)

Later today I am going to be interviewed to be slated for voting for retaining a spot on the board of directors, and I also hope to make some time to vote. 🗳 While we see the system that seemed to be broken was built this way purposely, we need to purposefully act as though each decision we make matters. No decision is a decision as well, but it is passive and us not owning our path to our own destiny. What priorities will you align to for your decision-making processes? What are your values? These are questions we need to be asking ourselves daily. The walk is daily, and each step along the way matters. You matter. Your choices matter. 💝

Until you reach out, or I post again…may your life be filled with ever radiant blessings and prosperous abundance.

With love, Charlette J. Bowling

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